I’ve danced since I was a child. I have very clear memories of always trying to fly and float between the table and the cabinet in the living room of my childhood home. Fluttering, flying,  dancing, jumping and hopping too, there was not much difference for me. As I moved, I thought that everything was dancing along with me, even my dog Blacky and my chicken Rosa.  When I "danced" I felt happy, free and almost weightless.

As I grew older, I concentrated more on gymnastics, which I enjoyed.  Gymnastics was fun, however it was, for me, more restrictive than dancing, coming as an expression of the exterior, whereas dancing is an expression of our interior world.

Dancing came back into my life much later on during a workshop about water. I remember it vividly:  As I danced "The Sun Dance", a moment of clarity came to me; it was a feeling of reconnecting with the source of my being, of coming home again. From this moment on, like in the days of my childhood, I was flying and floating again.  Even though my joints reminded me that quite a number of years had passed since then.  Sometimes my joints forced me  to a quite an abrupt "stop" .

I did a search....................... and found!

Thank you so much.............. to all who have inspired me and to all my teachers

I thank my teachers.  Together with them and many other dancers for the path we were able to travel along together with numerous dance forms and with Meditation des Tanzes-Sacred Dance.
That path transcends us all, where distinction is a matter of small importance and togetherness and connection take a different, deeper and more profound meaning.  During my training and workshops each of them were a source of inspiration to me and helped make me the dancer I am today.

With emotion, joy and a very warm feeling I look back to my first circle dance steps .... in Belgium with Stefan and Bethan Freedman and afterwards during a dance holiday in Paros ... it was wonderful !!
Both understand the art of bringing peace, harmony and connectedness. The cozy atmosphere with music from all over the world makes the circle dance a warm and safe place where everyone, regardless of their ethnic background, religion or nature, can feel completely at home.
Bethan and Stefan played a key role in promoting peace in the Middle East.
DANCING THROUGH WALLS is an initiative to thoroughly investigate how circle dances can contribute to peace and reconciliation processes and to develop new methods in which circle dances can contribute to the processing of trauma and conflict management.

With Laura Shannon, I learned the women's ritual dance, a true discovery and experience of what connectivity and togetherness can mean and bring about.

Laura takes you into the powerful energy of women, telling stories while dancing, making the experience even more rich and deep.

Laura dances with sophistication and subtlety; By repeating dances, she invites you to go deeper into the dance so you can continue to refine what the dance means and does for you.

She understands the art of forming a group, respecting everyone's individuality and carries a warm-hearted care for the group.

It is thanks to Mariëlle van Beek – de Vos, that I, together with the other dancers, can follow a path that brings me so much depth and enrichment.
Over and over again I experience so much amazement and admiration and I get so much just like that.
The combination of rhythm, dance steps and movements, the music consuming me, the depths through practice and repetition and the meaningful texts make it for me again and again a "total" experience.

Mariëlle can move, touch and inspire you through the dance.
She dances in a soft, connecting way and makes the dance understandable to everyone in terms of structure as well as content.  As she dances, she connects and communicates with the dignity of each dancer. Regularly, she reflects that as well, allowing the dancer to easily make contact with that place within themself.

She takes you along to dive all the way into the dance, in all its facets, so you can feel and experience the dance completely.
Her depth and her daring invite everybody in their own way to make contact that which is more than ourselves.  In this way, dancing becomes a connection from heart to heart.
You are invited to make contact with the other dancers from your authenticity and to dance from that connection.

Friedel Kloke - Eibl also made me part of a world in which I enjoy so much virtue

While the movements of Friedel are sophisticated, artful and graceful , they really take the environment into the flow of her dancing and life

Her dance tells a story, clearly and simultaneously soft and full of beauty and deep symbolism .

As a result, she inspires other dancers, she invites them to join her story, to experience that dance together.

She understands the art of depth to be born through movement and gesture.

Dancing becomes a miracle, a grace, a gift.

Her elegance and strength fascinate and her storytelling and fine humor can be pleasantly surprising.

Nanni Kloke also gave me a whole world. She dances with all of her soul.

When she gets into a dance, she does it with her whole body, her whole heart.

She moves, she is experiencing.

Her dances are an homage to life itself and are real work of art.

She makes her dancing a fiery, enthusiastic and open happening, so that everyone is lit by it.

In this way she is very inspiring and she gives the dancer a sense of joy, emotion and happiness

Nanni dances contagiously and at the same time very touchy and subdued.
She can give me the feeling that all the cells in my body dance without exception.

Saskia Kloke has also moved me deeply, she is a subdued dancer.

Her graceful and delicate movements externalize not just her inner being. You have to go on a search for it.

Saskia knows the art of experiencing the deepest of oneself in the dance.

Dancing with her ??becomes a shared quest for the uniqueness of oneself.

The connection made here is not of exuberance and fervour but of silent presence in purity.

She invites you to dance from the very deepest essence of yourself, that along the personality leads to the point where everyone is One.

Saskia invites me to sit still and less in my mind and to surrender myself more and more to the movements, gestures and dance.
This eliminates my "brain" logic completely, revealing that I can completely surrender to the dance

Shakeh Major Tchilingirian is a gentle personality.

Not only her face but her movements radiate cheerfulness and playfulness.

She moves very naturally and if one part of het body is put in motion, the rest will follow.

When she dances, everything dances in her.

Shakeh has a very powerful  charisma, graceful and elegant.
Gratitude, respect, elegance, these are all words that are suitable for her.

Gradually the feeling came to me that I had to share my joy, my love with others.
We started during the summer holidays in 2006 in the Centre for asylum in Kapellen.
When the "chapel" in February 2007 was used for the young people, we just moved to the Sisters Clarisses in Stabroek "The Monasterium De Croone" and afterwards to casa Marposa in Kapellen and to the PRH center in Antwerp.

Currently we dance in the Gezondheidspraktijk Anders Denken in Ekeren , in the Wilde Wingerd in Antwerp and in the Oude Abdij in Kortenberg.

We invite all, men and women, to join us at any time. If you would like to dance with us, a brief registration beforehand would be good.
We dance on dance slippers, socks or bare feet.
And above all, we celebrate four times a year on the occasion of the equinoxes and the solstices.

In good weather and during the holiday season, we make "summer dances" outside, These unexpected and adhoc dance moments are very beautiful and sociable.<

In addition, there are a number of free taster lessons.

Upon request, we will provide a free trial lesson to a group of at least six participants.

And ....... we celebrated  ................ for our ten-year existence ......... it was delicious... thank you