Dancing to all kinds of music, we make circles of connectedness and love.
These circles are sacred.  Sacred in the sense of healing, holy, precious.
Circling creates strength and we can also connect with ourselves, the others and the Higher, with "All That Is."

We get back in touch with ancient symbols such as circle, spiral and cross and we can try to live again the energy of these old symbols.
The dance experience which you experience is very personal and different for everyone. Experiences can be (not must) shared and can be very eye opening.

The dances are often repeated in order to bring them in such a way "in the body" that there is only "dancing" and that the steps can completed on autopilot.  So, our attention shifts from our minds / our thinking to really deep feel the experience that awakens in us in the dance.

Some dances are retiring, others are exuberant. They invite us to silence, enthusiasm, joy, encounter, tranquility, emotion ..... and much more.

With respect and admiration we want repeat and try to sense the steps that humans, centuries before us have danced.
When we dance we put our feet with full attention on mother earth, gentle and respectful.

It's a conversation, a loving dialogue of two beings who have so long been linked together so that no one can live without the other.