As the butterfly is dancing from flower to flower,
and let himself carry by the wind;
so we let us take,
with the flow
by the melody, the rhythm, the circle
and the being - united.

Dance has always been there. Dance is the beginning of all forms.
Our ancestors knew the movements of the cosmos, they felt it deep inside of them.
Dance was a spontaneous expression of their experience and their commitment. Dance showed on the exterior what deep down, they knew, felt and experienced.
It was a way to get in touch with nature, the mystery of life and with their innermost essence.
Dance expressed what moved them inside.

The language of dance is much older than our spoken language.
Dance is a language of the soul, you move and you are moved and just as with any art it is a language that is born from silence, from meditation. Meditation in the sense of inspiration and total dedication, enthusiasm so that the source can be unlocked, opened.
The body of the dancer is at the same time his home, his temple and his instrument.

The human being is being claimed in its totality. One finds oneself, and also the other, the environment, the group.
Dance becomes a way to self-realization.  

In connection with the music, dancers retain their harmony or regain it again