The god, protector of the dancers is Hermes / Mercury.

The symbol of Mercury consists of three parts. The circle in the middle, between the crescent moon and the cross.
In ancient writings, the circle is symbol for the Sun, the cosmic year or the God of the Light. We see the sun as stable, never changing.
We see the moon, symbolized by the crescent or new moon, constantly changing. She is the opposite of the Sun and depends on it for it’s light.
The cross represents the Earth, the supporting strength for the Moon and the Sun

Hermes / Mercury was described in ancient scriptures as God's messenger with wings on his feet. He is a symbol of connection strength, movement and interaction.  Communication between three worlds.
The circle represents the supreme consciousness, the moon represents the soul and the experience and the cross-the physical body.
Hermes is constantly moving, such as mercury and makes the connection between mind, soul and body to develop into a "total experience". As above, so below.
Hermes / Mercury brings healing through movement. He brings you to the overall experience and the balance needed to be fully alive.