As the circle begins to move he is depicted as a spiral. Then it represents evolution, eternal change and growth. Symbolically, the spiral is a universal symbol for spiritual change.
The road to "heaven" as a symbol of transformation and growth, the approach of the Higher Self, is rarely a straight line as shown.

All spirals have a natural "eye", a core that differs from the whirlwind around them. The eye, the source, the unknowable is the place that will always be approached but never reached. Around this mysterious, silent glance we see what is knowable, the turbulent universe, the spiral.
Spirals are a sign of growth and change, and we often come up against some resistance in ourselves (insecurity, fear of the new, ...).
In the center of our "Self", deep within our consciousness, we can feel a quiet me, calm in knowing without thinking, our "core essence". If we lose the connection with our "Essence", we spiral towards the periphery and we may experience a sense of separateness.
Here we feel resistance as a result of our thinking, our fears, our distrust ... who can bring us further away from our center.
The growth can mainly be to periodically review our center to leave and to return, just as we breathe in and out.
Afterwards we reach the same place as where we were before, but richer, more experienced and higher up the spiral.

In this moving circle, spiral, you are moved, be taken.
Time and time again is the place where you leave a new beginning, a first time, astonishment, admiration. This new place is richer, through time and space, through your own dance moves and those of others. Everything and everyone moves together in the same direction, the same rythm.
Everything and everyone  moves  differently and yet we move together.
You become aware of your unconditional love, the inexhaustible source of the "here and now", the fact that everything is in motion and connected.


"The core of everything is quiet and endless"/p>